Founders and Owners of Canyon Lake Senior Home Care

Tom and Laurie have a passion to assist those in need.  As the population of the United States continues to age, they have seen a need for our elderly to age gracefully in the comfort of their own homes.  Both Tom and Laurie have parents in their mid-eighties and are committed to making sure each of their parents live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes.  They want to make sure their elderly parents and others are served with loving kindness and with the respect they deserve by someone they can trust and who lives in the same community.  They chose Canyon Lake to open their business as they see it as an area being under served by other senior home care providers.  Tom and Laurie recently moved to live in Canyon Lake to be able to assist and serve their elderly neighbors right where they live.


Prior to starting their senior home care business, Tom spent thirty-two years in the financial services industry as an executive managing the Compliance function of several regional and national brokerage firms.  Tom’s responsibility was to make sure the brokerage firms for which he was employed acted ethically and in accordance with regulations and also to protect the interest of the ultimate client.  Throughout his tenure in the securities industry, Tom has seen examples of elder abuse first hand and took steps to make sure the interest of the clients were protected.  Tom carries that passion to serve the interest of senior clients to the senior home care business.

Laurie’s background includes a college degree in rehabilitation studies including spending time working with seniors.  Laurie spent the majority of her professional career working with individuals with disabilities becoming gainfully employed.  Laurie has always had a passion to offer her assistance in helping others regardless of their age.  Laurie has a compassionate heart for those in need especially those who are either being neglected or abused by others.  Laurie carries this same compassionate heart to help serve her elderly father and others needing senior care services.


Tom and Laurie have raised three daughters, all who are fine young women.  In addition, they have served as a shepherding home for at least four women in crisis pregnancies,  They have also hosted an exchange student from Chile.  Tom and Laurie have always been active in their church and the community.  They believe that serving God and serving others is their responsibility and their passion.